On page Seo Tips

On page SEO – the very first step

On-page SEO is your first step in making your web page visible to your audience. After all, this is your primary goal and all your efforts will get you there.
If done properly, On-page SEO has the power to get you, numerous new visitors, to your website.
Also, this is completely up to you: You have to set what the topic of each page will be. You have to decide on the target audience for that page and choose the right target keywords you want to use in your article or post.
Technically speaking, On-page SEO is a process. The process of optimizing different front-end and back-end aspects of your website to outrank your competition in search engines. The main On-page SEO components are related to the content, site architecture, and HTML.
The search engine’s algorithm ranks web pages based on three main characteristics: on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO. Off-page SEO refers to social sharing, external linking, and other aspects outside your website. Technical SEO contains all the SEO elements not included in on-page and off-page procedures, such as structured data, site speed, and mobile friendliness — the more technical parts of SEO. These topics will be covered in future articles because of the massive amount of information contained.
On-page SEO is so important because it notifies search engines about your website and the way you deliver content to your visitors. It helps you get a balanced version of your website and to be optimized for both human eyes and search engine crawlers.
Simply creating and publishing your website isn’t sufficient — you must optimize it for the search engines to rank and attract new traffic. Every element of your web page needs to be “translated” for search engine bots.
Now, the most important 10 “ingredients” of your on-page SEO “recipe” would be:
Quality Page Content, Page Titles, Headers, Meta Descriptions, Image Alt-text, Structured Markup, Page URLs, Internal Linking, Mobile Responsiveness, Site Speed.

Taking into account the importance of the On page SEO process and the advantages obtained as a result of its correct implementation, we will explain separately each element from the list above.